I think the advertising industry is intentionally obtuse about how audiences feel about ‘ads’. There is so much discussion around how to make ads that don’t look like ‘ads’, so that people won’t hate it.
Your audience doesn’t dislike the format, creativity or delivery of your ad. The Super Bowl proves this theory wrong every single year.
Want to know what your audience *actually* hates?
Being sold to.
Being sold to on every device and screen in their home. Being sold to during every video they watch. Being sold to on every audio clip they play. Being sold to obnoxiously in every inch of free space on a website. Being sold to during every aspect of their conscious life.
Being a consumer in 2019 is EXHAUSTING — there is literally no escape from advertising. Unless we retreat to a cave or unplug completely, every one of our senses is constantly bombarded with companies selling us stuff.
So, what does your audience hate?
It’s not your ads — it’s the fact that you are advertising.