About Justin
A digital consultant looking to help as many leaders grow their digital capabilities as possible.

A super boring journey

Spending 10 years working in corporate marketing communications departments, I learned the ins and outs of making marketing work within large organizations. It was during this phase of the journey that I picked up on this thing called 'digital marketing' and never looked back.

Making the leap to the agency/consulting side in 2014, I realized I could have much more of an impact as an external consultant -- joining engagements to help clients exactly where they needed it most, while retaining the ability to work with many clients at once.

2016 was the most monumental year of my journey thus far. I left the comfort of traditional employment, and founded Fox Consulting Group -- a digital strategy consultancy that helps clients establish and execute industry-leading digital marketing strategies.

And here we are! Fox Consulting Group is going strong and is on a promising growth trajectory -- increasing our reach and capabilities every single year.

But I want to help even more.

I know that not everyone needs a strategy consulting firm to come in and solve their problems for them (if you do, you should head over to www.foxgr.com right now). Rather, there are countless leaders out there who simply need a push, direction, a catalyst, a coach -- whatever you want to call it -- who will help them reach their full potential and the potential of their digital marketing team.

Doing something I've never been comfortable doing, I decided to plaster my face on the homepage of a website and let you know that I truly feel like I can help you as a digital marketing leader. Not only have I gained experience in the world of digital marketing over the past 15 years, but I have also sharpened and honed my leadership and management expertise.

And I want to share all of this with you. Right here, right now.

My Philosophy

Technology and automation have come to dominate the time and attention of digital marketing leaders, but what I see over and over again is that leaders have to first take a step back and focus on laying solid foundations based in proven business and marketing.
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